Fairgrounds Field as of April 2009

From the inception of BAYFL through 2008, home games were played at the “Old Brunswick High School” field.  Knowing that BAYFL’s s time at the field would eventually come to an end, Ken Ames and the others running the league in the late 1990’s / early 2000’s began to set aside money to build a new field.

In 1998 BAYFL was informed that it would need to find a new home for the 2009 season.  The Sagadahoc Agricuktural and Horticultural Society (which runs the Topsham Fair) was approached about leasing the football field at the rear of the Topsham Fairgrounds.   The field was the creation of Mark Ponziani, a long time supporter of Mt. Ararat football who cleared the land and built the field.  It was used by Mt. Ararat Middle School teams and the sub-varsity teams from Mt. Ararat High School.  The field’s amentities were limited to goal posts made of plastic pipe and a small ticket booth used as a concession stand.

The Sagadahoc Agricultural and Horticultural Society was excited about the opportunity to lease to BAYFL.  They are anxious to use the Fairgrounds to benefit the community and were also looking for groups to park cars to replace the U.S. Navy volunteers that they were losing due to the closure of BNAS.  According they only charge a very modest rent and even let us reduce that amount by parkign cars during the Topsham Fair.  The only caveats were that our use would not be exclusive – we would need to share with the Mt. Ararat High teams, and work cooperatively with other lessees of portions of the Fairgrounds.

Once the lease was secured, plans were put into place to vastly improve the Fairgrounds.  BAYFL spent about $30,000 of its funds ont he field and donated and reduced cost labor and materials stretched BAYFL’s $30,000 into about $60,000 to $70,000 of improvements.  listed below are the generous businesses who donated to the construction project and their website / contact infromation.  Please patronize these businesses and thank them for supproting BAYFL.

Here’s a slideshow of images of the Fairgrounds Field Construction: